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Growing Tomatoes / Tomato Growing

Growing tomatoes can be an enjoyable task when the proper steps are employed to promote good health and luscious fruit from your tomato plants and other vegetables.

By introducing the Veggie Cage Tomato Cage into your yearly tomato growing practices, you will take pleasure in producing a tasteful yield. The question on everyone’s mind is usually regarding how to grow tomatoes and what can I do to promote good health and delicious fruit. In the following paragraphs, we attempt to accumulate many common practices when growing tomatoes, as well as offer a few tomato growing tips for the novice gardener.

Pre-Planting Preparation
Typically, gardeners prefer to begin working the soil several weeks prior to planting tomatoes. They will break up large clumps of dirt, remove any debris, and add light soil (perhaps mixed with a little peat moss). In addition, many gardeners begin growing tomatoes indoors.

Tomato Growing Tips
When growing tomatoes indoors, an abundance of light is a necessity. This can be accomplished with a sunny south facing window or artificial light. Remember when choosing your garden location, as much sunshine as possible is an absolute necessity!

Tomato Planting
Once the danger of frost has passed, the tomato plants or seed may be placed (note that it is sometimes recommended to plant the seeds outdoors several weeks prior to the last anticipated frost). Tomatoes prefer well-drained, highly organic soil as well as a soil PH between 6 and 7. To establish a well-drained tomato garden, plant the fruit in a raised bed around 6 inches high.

Tomato growers, when using tomato cages, space the plant anywhere from 2 to 4 feet apart. If you are transplanting, it is wise to create the transplant hole slightly deeper than where it was growing in the pot and soak the hole with water (letting the soil absorb it).

Tomato Growing Tips
Once planted, it is recommended to water the plants slowly and deeply in order to promote a strong root system, which in turn will produce tasty fruits.

Caring for Tomatoes during the Season
Throughout the tomato growing process, proper care must be given to the plants in order to accomplish a successful yield. Mulching is very important in order to produce a high yield. The use of organic compost around the base of the plant, typically 2 to 3 inches, helps prevent water loss to the soil and aids in weed prevention. Again, it is important to keep your plants well watered in an effort to prevent any wilting.

Tomato Growing Tips
Introducing Tomato Cages in the tomato growing process offers excellent support and promotes good health for your plant. Pruning is necessary, unless a tomato cage is used, where the leaf meets the stem (simply clip the small side shoots as they grow).

When you begin developing the fruit (usually around 1 inch in fruit size), lightly work into the soil fertilizer and water thoroughly, usually completed several inches away from the base of the tomato plant.

Growing tomatoes using tomato cages is a popular method among gardeners because of its simplicity. Cage growing allows the tomato plant to grow in its natural manner but keeps the fruit and leaves off the ground. Although tomato cages require initial expenditure, they will last several seasons.

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