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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I mounted the Veggie Cages on the tomato stakes, there were still rings left on the ground. Am I using them correctly?
A: Since this feature of the Veggie Cage confused so many people, we actually shortened the product in 2005 and made the rungs much stiffer. It will still work for most plants up to 7 feet and there is no problem with having excess rings on the ground, but this should eliminate some of the confusion. See our photo gallery.
Q: Does this product really work?
A: 2005 marks the 3 rd full season for the Veggie Cage. With well over 10,000 units sold, we think that is safe to safe that the product works extremely well. Of course, it has to be used properly. It does not exactly function like a cage. Rather, it is an alternative to tying tomato plants that many people feel works much better than cages. For the Veggie Cage to work properly, you must ensure that the stalks are pushed within the cylinder of the "cage" as they grow.
Q: How wide is the base of the Veggie Cage?
A: The widest part of the Veggie Cage measures 12 inches across.
Q: What kind of stake should I use with the Veggie Cage?
A: The clamping mechanism on top of the Veggie Cage can accommodate either square or round stakes. In testing, we often use 2 x 2 stakes that actually measure 1.5" x 1.5". We cut them to 7 feet in length so that we can bury the stake one foot deep into the ground. Conduit, Re-bar, and other wood stakes can also be used effectively.
Q: How big of a tomato will the Veggie Cage support?
A: The Veggie Cage itself does not support tomatoes. It is merely a substitute for tying plants to a stake. The stalk of a tomato plat will actually support the weight of most of its fruit and the stake and Veggie Cage merely keep the plant growing vertically. See more on how it works.
Q: Where can I buy Veggie Cages?
A: The Veggie Cage is available in many nurseries throughout the U.S. and a handful of specialty catalogs. Captiva Marketing also sell the Veggie Cage online at this site. Currently, the Veggie Cage is only available in the U.S.
Q: What material is the Veggie Cage made of?
A: The Veggie Cage is molded from an ultraviolet resistant polypropylene material. It will not rust and has excellent weatherability.
Q: Do you offer volume discounts?
A:We do not currently offer volume discounts although the handling fee for online orders is a flat fee, so technically the more you order, the more you save.
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