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Revolutionary New Tomato Cages!
Forget those ugly tomato cages that blow over in the wind, take up room in your garage, and generally make your garden look awful.

Forget the constant tying and re-tying of tomato plant stakes.

We'd like to introduce the Veggie Cage - please read about this wonderful product and order online today!
You'll be
really amazed
just how well the
Veggie Cage


Tomato Cages | Revolutionary New Tomato Cage for Growing Tomatoes

This revolutionary tomato cage expands to a whopping 7 feet high and conforms to the growth of the tomato plant while disappearing from view. It requires no tying and can be securely fastened to a stake so that it won’t blow over in a storm. It collapses flat and requires virtually no storage room.

The unique spiral design of these tomato cages supports the natural growth patterns of tomato plants while allowing gardeners the room to properly care for their plants. Whether you are an advanced tomato gardening expert or a novice planting your first tomato plant, we invite to browse this tomato gardening resource to learn about the use of the Veggie Cage Tomato Cages, as well as picking up tips for growing tomatoes and making tomato dishes.

Our Veggie Cage tomato cages offer an exceptional and natural support system that accommodates tomato plants growing up to 7 feet tall.
We are no longer accepting
orders for this product.



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